The team at iO2 would like to wish all of our customers and business partners a very happy, safe and healthy Christmas and New Year. We look forward to working with you again in 2017. Before you get too merry, here are some simple tips to think about to minimise risks and exposures for business owners over the holidays:

Party, party, party!

Many businesses around the country will be hosting or have hosted an end-of-year party over the festive season. While this is a great time to celebrate the hard work and effort throughout 2016, it can also be a time when things can go very wrong, particularly with alcohol involved. In fact, it’s a time when many bosses find themselves having to discipline staff due to unacceptable behaviour at a party or function.

So what can you do to ensure that your party or function doesn’t go wrong?

  • Make sure food is served regularly throughout the event and is available from the outset.
    Provide taxi vouchers or transport arrangements so your staff can get home safely.
    While your staff may be attending your party after hours, they’re technically at work, so behaviour that might be rewarded with a retort or slap on the weekend can be considered harassment in a working environment.
    Make sure you assign managers or team leaders to keep a watch on staff and to be ready to step in if someone goes over the line of appropriate behaviour.
    Ensure the service of alcohol policy is strictly enforced and make doubly sure your employees are aware of it.
    Remember, your staff members are at work and the normal occupational health and safety rules still apply. If an employee sustains an injury, they are well within their right to lodge a workers compensation claim.
    Give strong consideration to purchasing Management Liability insurance. If you don’t currently have Management Liability insurance in place, speak to your insurance broker, or contact the team at iO2. The product provides excellent coverage and gives Business Owners added peace of mind, especially over the festive season

Extreme Weather

In Australia, the festive season also happens to be right in the middle of the storm and bushfire season for large parts of the country. The damage a large-scale thunder storm, cyclone or bushfire can cause is difficult to deal with at the best of times, but during the Christmas period many building, production or distribution services already stretched, making the impact of a natural disaster during this time much more significant. It’s always advisable to ensure your insurance cover is up to date and factors in the cost of your business being disrupted (business interruption insurance) as well as the cost of replacing physical items. For more information or advice, speak with your insurance broker, or contact the team at iO2.

Temporary staff

The rush to deliver on time coupled with employees taking leave during the Christmas period means many businesses turn to temporary staff to help out. As with any new employee, temporary staff will likely be unfamiliar with your business processes or safety practices, which could lead to mishaps both in terms of worker injury or productivity.

Make sure your temporary staff are performing tasks that match their skills and experience and provide any new employee, temporary or not, with a proper workplace induction.


With the increased demand of products and service, many businesses can fall behind delivery schedules. To prevent angry customers from lashing out or tarnishing your reputation, make sure you keep communicating with them and providing updates on when they’re likely to receive your product or service. In many instances, people will go out of their way to talk about a good customer service experience, which can go a long way in helping you grow your business.

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