Noosa’s Food and Beverage insurance specialists

We know finding the right insurance protection for the Food and Beverage industry can be difficult. The team at iO2 have access to some of the best Food and Beverage products available, and will work on your behalf to find the right protection for your business. So no matter what your type of Food and Beverage [...]

Simple Tips to Avoid Renovation Nightmares

The iO2 Insurance Group has put together a few simple tips and reminders for any businesses undertaking a renovation, refurbishment or construction project. Whilst renovations are an exciting time for businesses, it can also be costly and disruptive, should the unexpected happen. Here are some key points that will help your renovation to run smoothly, [...]

Noosa’s Tourism, Leisure and Entertainment specialists

We know finding insurance providers for the Tourism, Leisure and Entertainment industry can be difficult. The team at iO2 have access to some of the best specialised products available, and will work on your behalf to find the right protection for your business. So no matter what your type of tourism, leisure or entertainment business, you [...]

Help for local Noosa businesses during today’s severe weather

Ahead of today's severe weather we have opened our emergency helpline for our clients. As we are on the ground here we would like to extend this service to all other local Noosa businesses, no matter who their insurances are with. We want to offer our help, whether it's advice, or helping to work with [...]

Insurance Broker or DIY…which one is right for your business?

If you’re just starting your own business and are looking to put some insurance policies in place to protect it, you may be daunted by the number of options. One decision you will need to make when it comes to insurance for your business is whether to use a professional insurance broker or buy direct from [...]

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Do small businesses need Professional Indemnity insurance?

If you own your own small business, operate as a small trader or work as freelancer, then professional indemnity may be an insurance policy worth considering. Why might it be relevant to me as a small business owner, sole trader or freelancer? When you own your own business, operate as a sole trader or work [...]

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Would your business survive?

Would your business survive if it was damaged by severe weather, fire, flood or even the temporary loss of a key supplier? How would you cover your revenue and profits lost while you rebuild? Studies conducted by the Insurance Council Australia indicate that over 50% of all small businesses that suffer a major interruption without Business interruption insurance [...]

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What small businesses need to know about cyber crime

Cyber insurance and your small business It might be easy to dismiss cyber crime as completely irrelevant to small businesses — surely cyber criminals are not interested in your small business when they could be targeting the big boys, right? The reality is that cyber crime is believed to cost Australian businesses around $4.5 billion a year, but [...]

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Public Liability – how does it affect your business?

If you are a business owner, you will no doubt be aware that there are some insurance types that are necessary for you to stay in operation.One such insurance type is public liability insurance, which is designed to protect your business against any claims that may arise in relation to damage or injuries sustained by third parties [...]

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iO2 Official Launch January 2017

Our business, is your business. With over 55 years of combined experience locally and in the global insurance industry we are certainly not new to the Insurance market however our approach is new. Our vision of the future of business insurance is exciting, innovative and progressive. Using the most up to date , insurance products [...]

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