Construction Insurance (sometimes referred to as Construction All Risks or Contract Works) covers Accidental Loss or Damage to the Contract Works during the construction period along with Legal Liability. Policies can be arranged on an individual job basis (pay as you go) or on an annual Basis either on a Run Off (contracts commencing), turnover (transfer) basis to cover all jobs commenced during the policy period.

Contract Works and Legal Liability insurance provides comprehensive cover for most construction risks. This includes:

  • construction of industrial, commercial or residential buildings or other structures
  • erection and installation of machinery, plant and equipment
  • legal liability
  • advanced loss of profits

Specific policy coverage can be negotiated on your behalf to meet your individual needs across all major segments including construction, mining, civil works and infrastructure.

Individually tailored policies can be structured to contain cover for:

  • Expediting expenses
  • Leak search and locate costs
  • Mitigation costs
  • Professional fees
  • Removal of debris
  • Variations and escalation
  • Care, custody or control (including Vehicles and mobile plant)
  • Off-site storage and transit (to the full sum insured)
  • Products liability (including cover for previously completed projects)
  • Resultant damage from faulty design, workmanship and materials (DE4)
  • Vibration weakening or the removal of support
  • Waiver of subrogation rights
  • 90 days cover post practical completion
  • 96 hours event clause

Constructions insurance policies can also  be extended to include:

  • Accidental asbestos exposure ($1 million)
  • Claim preparation costs
  • Contract of sale extension
  • Consequential loss
  • Contractors plant and equipment including hired-in plant
  • Display homes
  • Existing structures
  • Financiers interests
  • Liquidated damages (for residential builders)
  • Overseas risks (supporting business domiciled in Australia)
  • Partially completed projects
  • Professional indemnity
  • Principal supplied materials
  • Testing and commissioning

John has had my utmost respect and confidence when it comes to any insurance matters relating to my business…we had a major flood in the shop. John arrived almost immediately to take full control. We were able to relocate our business overnight and continue trading the next day. I would recommend John without any hesitation

Peter Wynn, Rugby league legend and owner of Peter Wynn's Score Sports Store


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